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Experience the times of your fore fathers first hand!

I present to schools, youth groups, Scouts, and special interest groups the history and color of life on the Pennsylvania frontier in the 18th century.

I present myself in the first person as a scout and long hunter of the time period. I arrive in full costume complete with edged weapons and firearms (if your group has restrictions on such items being on premises I will need in writing approval of the person(s) in charge before I will commit to an engagement ).

I can appear alone or with others from the time period for an additional fee. These include Indians, military, and common folk.

For more details and pricing E-mail me at longhunter@innernet.net

Photo by : Gary Akers

Music by : Morgan's Glade - Magpie/ Temperance Reel

Print by Buxton - Fearfull Noise

I take quill in hand to dispel some rumors and innuendoes about my parentage and my presence in this valley. I assure ye all that I can trace my lineage back to the courts of England, and to the forests of the Deutchlands.

My lineage, though full of questionable characters, is that of a gentleman. My mother’s lines run most royal having been descendent from the family Gardiner of the court of Wyllyam the Longsword. My sire’s lineage is rooted in the Black Forest from the family Kuster, fabled for their skills as hunters and woodsmen and to the fierce Scot clan of MacEwen, warriors of great fame amongst the Highlanders. The family Gardiner first set foot on these shores in the year of our Lord 1634 departing from the good ship "ARK" in what is known as "The Saint George River " in Mary’s Land as fellow travelers with Lord Calvert , escaping the persecutions of Catholics in mother England. The arrival of my sire’s family is not as well documented ,yet their land holdings in Penn’s Woods were well established years before my birth in the year of our Lord 1717.

My mother birthed me near to what is now known as the Conococheague settlement on the western frontier of Penn’s Woods. We were of but a handful of souls that had ventured into the wilderness in search of property and seclusion from the constant insanity of the coastal regions. It is here that my taile begins.

It was the eve of the twelth anniversary of my birthe ; my father and my mothers brother were preparing for a long hunt; I being every bit a man was ready to join them on their excursion; my mother having other thoughts sent me about useless chores. Bring me a bucket of water, when there were two already by the hearth, get me my wrap, when it was hanging on the back of her chair. Seeing through her deciet I bound for the door and ran to the edge of the woods. Here I waited for my father and uncle to pass.

The time was a long one and sleep over took me. When I awoke ther was no cabin left where one had stood before; only the smoking ruins of what had been . My family was nowhere to be found. I was alone ! A sound from behind caused me to turn ….

That was the last I remember before awakening to the smell of rotting meat and human uncleanlyness. The sounds of launguege I was not familier with filled my ears. I strained to focus my vision in the dim light. Suddenly a patch of light opened up in front of me. There stood the man that would teach, comfort, and become my father.

His name was Shadow , a great warrior of the Delaware. He had taken me as a prize of war, yet I soon became his son. Shadow taught me the ways of the Delaware , how to hunt like a mountain lion, track like a wolf, and think as a chief. I was his son for the change of five seasons. It was a day when the snow flies and the game is hard to find, when Shadow and myself were near a place called Squire Smithes Towne . There we came upon a party of hunters , one called out a name and ran towards me. I stept back. The sound of the name hurt my head . I turned to Shadow… he motioned for me to go forward. I started forward…

When I turned around to seek assurance from Shadow, he was gone.

I had come full course; I was back with the family I had come from. It seems that my uncle had been a man of great luck on the eve of my capture. He had gone into the woodline to relieve hisself moments before the attack and managed to escape. Here I was face to face with him again.

The population of the valley had grown since my capture and food was needed for the settlements. I being a man with the knowledge of the woods was a choice that the citizenry could not ignore as a leader for the longhunts. When the hostilities began with Frenchy and the savages I also was taken into the service of his majesties forces. At Fort Loudoun that ended.

One James Smithe and myself became the best of friends.

The Personna of WALKS IN SHADOWS scout and longhunter .

(1717 – 1780)

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